Mobility on the Go: Social Media Matters and Twitter Likes Do, Too

News 08:03 March 2024:

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Twitter is a social media platform that is among the best in the business. Since its inception less than ten years ago, it has grown exponentially in the way that influences everyday life. This site has been part of a network of social media growth that has been seen since the advent and accessibility of the internet. Specifically, the mobile accessibility allowed for modern individuals to connect instantaneously around the world. Social media, then, was an extension of this quickness including with sites like Twitter that were absolutely expansive in their outreach. But what is social media, especially for businesses, if no one is going to see what you have?

Twitter is all about quick snippets of information being shared across a large network. There is no waiting between post and being seen, if done correctly, and audiences can grow by the thousands literally overnight. Social media sites, then, thrive on the quick responses of their clientele and viewership. One way that individuals can signal that they have seen the post is through likes. Twitter likes on tweets mean that the information was posted and well received. There was some interest by that individual viewer that led to an interactive click. These, then, should be what is strived for in all social media accounts based even partially in the idea of growth.