Posts you Should Keep off Twitter if you want More Followers

News 08:03 March 2024:

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A lot of people don’t get it. Twitter is one social network that is very unfriendly to personal issues and private matters. Instead, the platform is more of bringing people together in a more professional and intellectually sober manner. That said; there are things you ought to keep off twitter if you want to keep your following at bay. Posts about your food or pictures of you eating should be avoided as much as you can. Not that they are bad, but a lot of twitter users don’t find it kind.

On the other hand, tweets about what you are doing every now and then can be boring and no one will like to follow you back for that. Besides, everyone wants to be assumed busy and hence it is not just nice to bother people with tweets about your private life. Instead, engage people with more interactive tweets revolving such things as trendy daily topics, sports or business if you want more twitter followers. Finally, tweets about your travel diaries should be limited to Foursquare while a lot of selfies can do well on instagram.