How to Handle Queer Automatic Retweets

News 09:04 April 2017:

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There are bot automatic retweets, and then there are scammers who will follow you, like and retweet your every message and then con you at the end. There are also people who seem like they spy you on the social network, retweeting and liking your every post even when they are clearly not close to you. The bots can come from scammers who want to dupe you into giving them money, while other scammers are just pretense friends who want something extra from you.However, if you post high quality tweets regularly, it is all possible to get genuine retweets in plenty.

As for the bots, always ignore them. Some people find comfort buying them, but if you are not the type, just appreciate that they boosted the number of your retweets. Scammers will always send you messages and pretend to be good by liking all your posts. Make sure that you unfollow them as soon as you realize who they are, ignore their replies or answer their questions with respect. You can also ignore the fake friends, because after all there are still more genuine people who retweet your posts.