How to make Celebrities Follow you

News 08:03 March 2024:

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Having a couple of a thousand twitter followers is not bad for your ego, but having ten or so famous people also following can make you feel like one of them. The unfortunate truth however is that celebrities rarely follow people they don’t know, and well, they have nothing to lose if they don’t. The bright side is that celebrities are also people like us; they get entertained and inspired a lot too. So, if you want their attention you first of all have to work hard on the content you post.


Tweeting regular entertaining posts to your favorite celebrities is one great way to attract their attention, while retweeting their tweets more often can also have them notice you on their feeds. Radio personalities are especially easier to befriend on twitter because they constantly engage their followers on a day to day basis. Another lot of celebrities easier to attract are the TV personalities. This is because like their radio counterparts, they are on twitter to engage users more than to just get recognition. When you become closer to them, and that is by liking, retweeting and tweeting them great content, they are likely to follow you back.